“I came to VTPT for left knee pain that was chronic for two years. VTPT – from the staff to the clinic – was cutting edge [when it came to] technology and education. Eliana was tremendous in her ability to diagnose and treat the areas of my body that needed strengthening to get rid of my pain.” – Kyle L.

“In addition to being incredibly professional and courteous, Chad and his staff possess unparalleled knowledge of body mechanics.” – Chris H.

“Endless creativity in their approaches. Friendly environment. A real sense of collaboration between therapists.” – Rebecca G.

“I came to PT on my doctor’s recommendation because I had pain from my waist to my toes. Besides guiding me to restore my strength, one of the most beneficial pieces of PT for me was how knowledgeable and caring the therapists have been. I trust the exercises the therapist’s give me. I would wholeheartedly recommend VTPT to anyone who likes personal service from knowledgeable professionals.” – Stephen Y.

“I was referred to VTPT by a current client, after having been diagnosed with reoccurring Achilles tendinitis and hip bursitis due to a running injury. Our mutual acquaintance was adamant that I seek treatment from this clinic and no other because of the techniques they use, how professional the staff is and the excellent customer care they deliver. Since I began my journey with VTPT, I have received the best customer service from Abbie who does scheduling and takes care of all of the fun administrative tasks as well as from all of the Physical Therapists. Everyone has been welcoming, helpful and inviting.

Eliana has since taken over my treatment plan and I couldn’t be more pleased with her professionalism and visual representations of what’s going on with my body. Eliana is working with me to develop a specific stretching and rehabilitation plan to get me back logging miles. If you’re looking for an innovative treatment plan with true professionals, I’d encourage you to schedule an appointment with VTPT!” – Kendra D.

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