Knee pain keeping you off the mountain? It doesn't have to be an uphill battle.

A physical therapy program could be just what you need to reach new heights.

Don't let hand or shoulder pain crush your creativity.

Is your form suffering? We can help with that.

Time is precious: don't let pain keep you from enjoying every moment.


Vermont Physical Therapy is dedicated to providing individuals with the highest quality one-on-one therapy. Our clients are the purpose and foundation of our clinic. We promise a warm, friendly, healing environment with open doors to everyone in the community.

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Vermont Physical Therapy is proud to be a community partner with the Greater Burlington YMCA. Since 2010, VTPT and the YMCA have been collaborating to provide the best possible services to the residents of Burlington and beyond. VTPT has full access to the Y’s state of the art pool and gym facilities, allowing us to take our patient’s care to a whole new level. We also work with and alongside the Y’s personal training staff to help our patients reach their healing and fitness goals. Want to get in on this partnership? Talk to the training staff at the YMCA or call Vermont Physical Therapy at (802) 497-0736 to find out more.

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Looking for a massage or craniosacral therapist? We’ve got them both in-house. Laura Lynn Giubardo and Mindy Cohen are located at 96 S. Union Street in the VT PT clinic. Schedule an appointment with them today!