Postural Restoration® Center

VTPT is proud to have earned the accreditation of being a Postural Restoration® Center. All VTPT therapists are trained to utilize PRI techniques in their treatment plans. Simply put, PRI considers that the body is inherently NOT symmetrical: our neurological, respiratory, circulatory, muscular, and vision systems are not equal left to right and because of this, the body has to find ways to balance our systems. In truth, it’s genius natural design – after all, how well would we function if all our organs were piled onto one side? As we age, we’d eventually become like a dog perpetually chasing its own tail.

However nature isn’t perfect, and this inherent asymmetry often leads to system disuse or weakness over time. What’s more, an individual’s imbalances are often expressed in unique ways. PT’s with PRI training have the tools to identify and treat these imbalances in an individualized, wholesome manner to improve function and efficiency and reduce pain and injury.

What does this ultimately mean for you, the patient?

PRI means we are treating the WHOLE you, not just the particular body region you came in for. Since our bodies have to ultimately function as one unit, treating the whole body ensures a more successful, long lasting, complete recovery. Improving body symmetry and decreasing muscle imbalances – even if you’re not in pain to begin with – decreases the likelihood of new injury and prevents current conditions from worsening or re-occurring.

If you’ve tried physical therapy before and didn’t feel satisfied with the outcome or didn’t get the results you were hoping for, the PRI treatment approach may be the difference for you.

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