Our most common questions answered below.

Physical therapy is a healthcare specialty that focuses on assisting people who are in pain or experiencing limitations with their functional abilities. Physical therapy is designed to help people regain normal function in their daily life.  Physical therapy utilizes guided exercise routines and manual treatments to reduce pain and tension. Physical therapists also train patients how to move correctly throughout the day.

The first physical therapy appointment includes a thorough history of the injury or site of pain and a detailed whole-body assessment to find the patients limitations in function. The goal is to determine the specific cause of a patient’s pain and symptoms. This allows the physical therapist to develop an individualized treatment plan. Patients can expect the initial evaluation to be about one hour.  Follow-up appointments are 45 minutes to one hour.

At Vermont Physical Therapy we accept most insurances including: Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, United Health Care, MVP, Medicare and Medicaid. We also treat patients with workers’ compensation insurance. You need a referral if you have Medicare. Most of Vermont’s local plans do not require a referral for physical therapy but it is best to contact your insurance carrier for detailed information about your policy’s requirements. Some out of state plans require a referral for physical therapy but it is plan specific. If you have questions regarding your specific insurance plan and if we are an in network provider, please just give us a call. Please note – if your plan requires a copay for physical therapy services, payment is expected at time of service.

The staff at Vermont Physical Therapy is aware that everyone has different pain thresholds. Our therapists work closely with each patient to make sure the rehabilitation process goes at a speed that is comfortable for the patient.   Although there may be times of mild discomfort during the healing process the overall goal is to make our patients more comfortable so they remain committed to their individualized treatment plan.

At Vermont Physical Therapy we pride ourselves on the dedicated one-on-one care of our patients. Our therapists take a whole body approach to improving function. Our goals are to treat the “problem area” and give the patient the tools they need to stay pain and injury free in the future. Our therapists take into consideration the physical, nutritional and mental stressors that can delay the healing process and work closely with their patients to ensure a better quality of life going forward.