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Vermont Physical Therapy is dedicated to providing individuals with the highest quality one-on-one therapy. Our clients are the purpose and foundation of our clinic. We promise a warm, friendly, healing environment with open doors to everyone in the community.


We Specialize In

Aquatic Rehabilitation

Water has many therapeutic effects that work together to facilitate a quicker recovery. It is an excellent option for joint pain and arthritis, chronic pain, post-surgical rehabilitation, sports injuries, and many other conditions.


Pain and dysfunction in the jaw joint can be caused by traumatic injury, stress, improper alignment. Treatment for TMJ will focus on relieving pain in the face and relieving headaches and neck pain that often accompany TMJ dysfunction.

Manual Technique

Our therapists utilize a variety of manual (hands-on) techniques to assist their patients on the road to recovery.

Custom Orthotics

Made on-site at VTPT, custom orthotics can be a powerful tool for treating plantar fasciitis, arthritis, tendonitis, ankle sprains, and injuries elsewhere in the body.

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