Mary Denofrio

Mary joined as the receptionist at VTPT in the fall of 2019. She is currently a student receiving her second degree in criminal justice at Northern Vermont University. Mary is passionate about health and wellness after seeing a chiropractor 8 years ago for knee pain. She fully believes in chiropractic and physical therapy’s ability to heal the body and restore it to optimal function. Mary is outgoing and loves to connect with patients face to face. She can be found at the front desk to assist you in any way she can! When Mary is not in the office she enjoys traveling, true crime podcasts/shows, hiking and spending time with her boyfriend and her family. She lives in South Burlington with her boyfriend and her two cats Rizzo and KiKi.

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3 months ago

April Fools!

But really, do your exercises...

3 months ago
We're All Responsible for Our Opioid Reliance—Even Patients

#VTPT treats many people with chronic pain conditions who are also in various stages of opioid use or treatment for opioid addiction. One of the key factors in reducing the use of opioid pain ... See more

Blame our healthcare ecosystem and our quick-fix culture

3 months ago

Dear #VTPT Patients: it is with a very heavy heart that we have decided as of today, March 18th, to close the clinic to patients until April 6th. The Vermont Department of Health has advised all ... See more

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