Concussion Management Services

Let’s face it: concussions are becoming a more widely recognized problem thanks to developments in youth sports as well as national media attention towards professional athletes in sports such as football, hockey and soccer. The good news? There are more and more tools available to catch and treat concussions early so they become less likely to affect a person later on in life.

VT PT therapists are Certified in Concussion Management. We utilize a tool called ImPACT: Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing. Concussions are no longer considered to be “homogenous”, meaning that depending on the manner of the injury, certain body systems (think cognitive, visual, memory, etc.) may be more affected than others or not affected at all.

ImPACT is a computerized concussions evaluation system used to determine exactly which systems are affected. The test can be administered for at-risk athletes and young adults prior to injury to establish a baseline for that patient and then re-administered if injury occurs. If there is no baseline available for a given patient, the test can still be administered and the results compared with average normal values. Based on outcomes, treatment recommendations and interventions can be tailored to the individual case.

Concussions are nothing to shrug off – if you have experienced a recent head injury, even if you’re not symptomatic, give us a call today and schedule an initial evaluation.

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