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Vermont Physical Therapy was started in 2010 by practice owner Chad Rainey. Since then, our clinic has grown from a one man show to a bustling multi-therapist practice. Our PT’s are athletes, coaches, sport and outdoor enthusiasts as well as active members in their communities. They enjoy building positive, long-lasting working relationships with their patients and their range of experience means there is a good fit for virtually every patient. Click below for a profile and more information about our physical therapists and office staff.

Chad Rainey
Physical Therapist

Brigit Eckstrom
Physical Therapist

Eliana Leddy
Physical Therapist

Abbie Senesac Lopez
Practice Administrator

Mary Denofrio

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2 weeks ago
Limber Up With This Total Body Stretching Routine That Uses Bands

Many patients get a length of Theraband as a parting gift after their initial eval. These bands can prove vital to providing patients with control and stability as they slowly increase flexibility in ... See more

This total stretch with resistance bands helps you improve flexibility with support from the bands. Enjoy this routine at home or at the gym.

3 weeks ago

Reason #9 Why You Should Choose #VTPT: Ease of Access.

If you live and/or work in downtown Burlington, Vermont Physical Therapy is within walking distance from virtually every part of Burlington. ... See more

3 weeks ago
Six Reasons to Get a Hobby

If your New Year's resolution includes getting yourself back into something YOU love, WE would love to help!

At #VTPT, we believe that having something you love doing and being able to do is ... See more

You're really not too busy.

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