Abbie Senesac Lopez
Practice Administrator

Abbie is no stranger to the medical world – she joined VTPT in the summer of 2019 as practice administrator after spending several years in primary care. Abbie brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience in the medical billing world and is always available to patients to answer questions and help with billing issues. As a bodywork practitioner with a small private practice, Abbie was happy to return to her roots in an alternative therapy setting. Her hope is that physical therapy, chiropractic and other ways of treating and managing injury and pain will continue to become less “alternative” and more mainstream.

When she’s not juggling hats in the office, Abbie can usually be found at the barn working with her horsemanship students, riding her own horse, Soni, or spending time with her husband and their family of misfit creatures, including Chase the German Shepherd, Martine the cat, miniature donkeys Churro and Pico and parakeet Ramirro.

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