Concussion Management

Vermont Physical Therapy is now Certified in Concussion Management. ImPACT:  Immediate Post- Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing.

There is a growing awareness of symptomatic and asymptomatic concussions and how they can cause chronic traumatic encephalopathy later in life.  Concussions are no longer considered to be homogenous; it is important to determine which body systems have been effected in each patient (e.g., cognitive, visual, vestibular, memory, or fine motor abilities).

ImPACT is a computerized concussion evaluation system used to determine which body systems are effected.  The ImPACT test is administered at baseline (prior to concussion) for athletes and young adults at risk for concussion.  If an injury occurs, the test is re-administered.  The test can be administered periodically throughout treatment to evaluate the patient’s progress.  If no baseline information is available, test scores can be compared to normative values.  Based on outcomes, appropriate treatment recommendations can be made.  Ultimately, the ImPACT test helps us guide interventions and treatments.

The staff at Vermont Physical Therapy are fully certified to administer and interpret the ImPACT tests and results. For additional information on ImPACT, please visit their website or check out this reference sheet from the CDC on concussions and brain injury here .