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Common injuries in throwing athletes

  The shoulder joint is designed to allow the most range of motion of any joint in the human body. Generally, this is more than enough motion to accomplish daily tasks and to manipulate our environment. Individuals that participate in throwing sports, particularly volleyball, tennis, and baseball, test the limits of range of motion and muscle […]

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Yoga – Great Exercise for Kids

There are just as many benefits of a yoga practice for kids as there are for adults. All of the physical benefits for adults – improved flexibility, improved cardiovascular fitness, and decreased blood pressure and respiratory rate to name a few – also apply to the younger population. A best of all, yoga is safe for […]

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A Challenging Season of Allergies Ahead

Good news, everyone! All systems are go for a exceptionally challenging transition for sufferers of seasonal allergies. The nose serves as an entryway to our bodies. In defense against potentially harmful particles, we have an allergic response to expel the inhaled offenders. For those that suffer from allergies, this response has been generalized to harmless […]

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Even a Little Movement…

Call it yoga, call it stretching, or a mid-day energy boost, the fact is that even a little extra movement during your day is great for your health. There is more research than you want to read that discusses the negative effects of sitting in one position all day. If you work a desk job or […]

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The Benefits of High-Impact Excercise

The benefits of high-impact exercise for bone health are well known. This is the basis of a multitude of fitness programs that focus on weight-bearing exercise to increase bone density. But how much force do you actually need to make a difference? A study from the University of Bristol explored this question by measuring the […]