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Study links youth football to greater risk of later health problems

A #study conducted by Boston University found that children who sustain repeated #head #injuries before age 12 are more likely to suffer from behavioral and mood impairments (i.e., depression, apathy) as they age. Safety is important, brain health is important, and fun is important! Let’s hope #safety recommendations can be made in light of this #research that allow children to enjoy the sports they […]

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Relief for a tight back

Hang out in any gym for an hour or so and you will see a lot of back extension. Lat pulls, barbell squats, cleans – extension, extension, extension. While this isn’t dangerous in and of itself, it is important to counter that uni-directional activity with some flexion. Yoga and general stretching is great to counter […]

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The Benefits of High-Impact Excercise

The benefits of high-impact exercise for bone health are well known. This is the basis of a multitude of fitness programs that focus on weight-bearing exercise to increase bone density. But how much force do you actually need to make a difference? A study from the University of Bristol explored this question by measuring the […]