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4 Ways to Stick to Your Physical Therapy “Homework”

Doing your at-home PT regimen is the key to becoming a rehab success story! But research shows only about 35% of patients actually commit to their PT “homework.” Are you one of them?

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6 exercises for shoulder stability

The shoulder joint is a work of art. It is intricately designed to allow an enormous range of motion (just think about how much more movement your shoulder has than your knee, for example) and precise control for fine arm and hand movements. Naturally, there is a cost for these advantages. In order to allow for […]

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Motivating your winter workouts

Even under normal circumstances it can be hard to start a new exercise routine. This goes for a change in type of activity as well as beginning for the first time in a while (or ever). But at this time of year when the weather is getting progressively colder the great outdoors becomes less and less […]

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Relief for a tight back

Hang out in any gym for an hour or so and you will see a lot of back extension. Lat pulls, barbell squats, cleans – extension, extension, extension. While this isn’t dangerous in and of itself, it is important to counter that uni-directional activity with some flexion. Yoga and general stretching is great to counter […]

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The Rules of RICE

Despite its recent bad press, inflammation is actually completely normal and important for healing when it is acute. The heat, swelling, and redness that make inflammation uncomfortable are actually a desired outcome. During an acute inflammation, blood vessels dilate to rush chemicals that kill bacteria and initiate tissue healing to the injured area. This usually lasts […]

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Top 5 preventable overuse injuries

Spend a few weeks in any physical therapy clinic and a common theme will begin to arise. The majority of individuals who seek treatment report that pain started gradually, without apparent cause, and got worse over weeks or months. This presentation is usually indicative of an “overuse” injury. Rather than resulting from a single traumatic […]

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Dangers of “text neck”

“Text neck” is a newest way that our daily habits are getting in the way of good posture. As many as 79% of 18-44 year-olds have their smartphones with the, at least 22 hour a day. Maybe this sounds a little ridiculous, but it isn’t a new problem. This is just replacing, or maybe adding to, […]