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Study links youth football to greater risk of later health problems

A #study conducted by Boston University found that children who sustain repeated #head #injuries before age 12 are more likely to suffer from behavioral and mood impairments (i.e., depression, apathy) as they age. Safety is important, brain health is important, and fun is important! Let’s hope #safety recommendations can be made in light of this #research that allow children to enjoy the sports they […]

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News@VTPT August 2017

Exercising in the water offers a low-impact environment for anyone to gain strength and mobility. When neurological impairments, like Parkinson’s Disease, are involved it can be an especially beneficial medium as it offers safety from falling. Learn more about the benefits of aquatic exercise for Parkinson’s Disease in this month’s News@VTPT. If you would like […]

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9 Aquatic Therapy Benefits That Will Surprise You

Physicians and patients alike are more actively seeking out aquatic therapy as a way to rehabilitate the body.This article provides more insight into the benefits of aquatic therapy and why it is so important to the healing process. VTPT is pleased to offer aquatic therapy at our downtown Burlington clinic located steps from the YMCA.