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Dangers of “text neck”

“Text neck” is a newest way that our daily habits are getting in the way of good posture. As many as 79% of 18-44 year-olds have their smartphones with the, at least 22 hour a day. Maybe this sounds a little ridiculous, but it isn’t a new problem. This is just replacing, or maybe adding to, […]

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De-stress Your Neck

… and we’re back with part 2 of our headache discussion! Remember that cluster headaches and migraines are both related to central nervous system dysfunction that causes inflammation of the trigeminal nerve. Management of both headache types include anti-inflammatory medications, triptans, and/or breathing 100% pure oxygen, all with the goal of reducing irritation of the […]

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Headaches: are they just a pain in the neck?

There is a study that reports that only 4% of Americans have never experienced a headache. That means that almost everyone reading this post can relate to one of the most draining types of pain. Not all headaches are the same, though, and it can save the day to know which beast you’re fighting. There […]