Mindfulness challenge

As is turns out, our minds aren’t meant to be in a state of constant multitasking.”Nothing ventured, nothing gained” in this case means that there is a price for trying to eat your lunch while sitting at the computer inputting data and trying to remember what you needed to buy at the grocery store on the way home. Multitasking activities have been shown to increase heart rate and blood pressure, as well as increasing perceived workload and souring mood. No matter how good you think you are at managing six tasks at the same time, there is no question that you are paying for it somewhere.

It happens to all of us at VTPT, too. To combat the pressure of stretching ourselves to thin, we invite you to join us in a goal of  15 whole minutes of mindfulness every day. Start small. Begin with spending two minutes being quiet, no lists, no electronics, no running around. If meditation is appealing to you, use this time. Otherwise, think about your breathing, the sounds you hear around you, the way your body feels. Be somewhere that makes you happy and relaxed. Whatever you want to do to check in with yourself and disconnect with the normal grind.

Mount Bierstadt

Simple as that may sound, it will probably be a struggle for many. That’s why it is a mindfulness practice. Try not to worry too much about whether you “feel anything” and enjoy your minutes to yourself. And just so the VTPT team has some accountability, we will be checking in once in a while to tell you our experiences as well.



by Birgit

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